Dr. Catherine Goetze
catherine.goetze (at) utas (dot) edu (dot) au

Some of my publications are accessible on academia.edu and my profile page at the University of Tasmania
Further information on my research can be found on my blog
I also twitter sometimes @CaGtze

Welcome Bienvenu Willkommen

Welcome to my webpage!

I am Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Tasmania.

In my research I am exploring the sociology of globalization. I am particularly interested in the way social organization with all its hierarchies, power patterns and interactions impacts on ideas, practices and policies of international peace and development. My book 'The Distinction of Peace' looks specifically at the people who work in peacebuilding and how their upbringing, education, ideas and values relate to peacebuilding politics.

In my future research I want to look at the role of families in world politics and at the sociology of work in international organizations and in particular in international peacebuilding.


Out now

'Bringing Claude Lévi-Strauss and Pierre Bourdieu Together for a Post-Structuralist Methodology to Analyse Myths'
'Warlords and States: A Contemporary Myth of the International System'
both in: Bliesemann de Guevara, Berit (ed) 2016. Myth and Narrative in International Politics, Interpretive Approaches to the Study of IR. Palgrave MacMillan.


The Distinction of Peace, University of Michigan Press (in press).