Dr. Catherine Goetze
Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex
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2015 Senior Lecturer, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex

Responsible for the development of an undergraduate and postgraduate global studies program; research and teaching in international relations.

2007-2014  Associate Professor of International Relations

My research focussed on the sociology of peacebuilding missions and on conflict analyses in post-conflict environments.

2007-2014  Head of School of International Studies at UNNC


·      I have overseen the School’s growth from 80 to over 400 students and from 5 to 12 members of staff.

·      I have undertaken two curriculum reviews in the past six years to adapt to changing student needs and keeping the high standards set by UK Quality Assurance Agency.

·      I have devised one MA programme, reviewed seven UG programmes and created seven new subject courses.

·      I have set up the schools research centre ‘Institute for Asia and Pacific Studies’ and initiated the set-up of the faculty-wide ‘Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies’

In 2012, the School’s Bachelor programme “International Studies” won the “Key Excellence Award” of the province of Zhejiang (less than 20 social science programmes out of more than 250 programmes were awarded this prize which is endowed with 500,000RMB)

Quality Assurance and Teaching

·      I was responsible for all Quality Assurance issues: revision and updating of current modules, introduction of new modules, supervision of teaching, and managing of school and university QA reviews.

·      I have initiated the first cross-campus online module of the University of Nottingham.

·      I have undertaken various measures to enhance T&L like study skill workshops and booklets, a blog etc.

In 2014, one third of the staff (including me) was nominated for the Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in Teaching of the University of Nottingham

Administration and Management

·      Included the management of the school budget, of staff development, teaching timetables and workload, as well as administrative roles


2005-2007                   Lecturer, School of Politics and IR, University of Nottingham

2002-2005                  Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

1997-2002                   Junior Researcher, Social Science Research Centre Berlin

Other Professional Experience

2000                            Consultant, German Red Cross

1998-2002                   Free-lance journalist, Berliner Zeitung & www.netzeitung.de     


2015-2018                   External Examiner of the Department of International Politics at the University of Aberystwyth

2009-2014  Former editor of Political Studies and former editor of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations.


Reviewer for European Journal of International Relations, Global Constitutionalism, Global Society, Millenium- Journal for International Relations, Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, Global Governance, Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen, International Peacekeeping and others.


Member of International Studies Association and American Political Science Association.

Grants and Awards


2012   Senior Fellow British Higher Education Academy

As Principal Investigator:

2013       University of Nottingham Teaching Development Grant

Approx. £10,000 to develop online, video-based module ‘The Making of Modern Asia’ to be delivered across China and Malaysia campus of the University of Nottingham.

2013        UNNC Teaching Light Semester Grant

Approx. £12,000 for teaching buyout and research allowance (no leave from Head of School duties)


2009              UNNC Teaching Light Semester Grant

Approx. £12,000 for teaching buyout and research allowance (no leave from Head of School duties)

2007-2009          British Academy Large Research Grant (LRG-45483)    

£38,582 for the research project “Who governs? The political sociology of UN interim administrators”, 2007-2009. Resulted in one monograph, several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

2004        Post-doctoral research grant

German Office for Academic Exchange Programmes with Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris, approx. 12,000€

As collaborator:

2005                                                    “The Anomies of the Democratic Peace”

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, funded by German Research Council (approx. 400,000Euro)

1998-2002                                           “The Politics of Humanitarian Assistance”

Social Science Research Centre Berlin, funded by German Research Council (approx. 250,000Euro)


Conference travel grants

2005-2014                            University of Nottingham/ UNNC

2006                                                   Political Studies Association of the UK   

2002, 2005                                       German Research Council


1996-1997                French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, postgraduate scholarship          

1993-1994                French-German Academic College


2000-2002                PhD, Free University Berlin, “magna cum laude”           

Supervisors: Professor Thomas Risse, Free University Berlin and Professor Wolf-Dieter Eberwein, Social Science Research Centre Berlin

“Rudimentary Civil Societies: civil society building in post-conflict situations, the example of the Red Cross in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo”

1996-1997                Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies en Relations Internationales, IEP de Paris (equiv. MA)     

1990-1995                Diplom-Politologin, Free University Berlin        

1993-1994               German-French “Diplom” (BA), IEP de Paris and Free University Berlin         


I’m fluent in English, German and French, have a good reading and listening comprehension of Dutch and Italian, a good reading comprehension of Spanish, and I am at beginner’s level in Mandarin Chinese (sufficient to say 慢慢说可以吗?我会说一点儿普通话。)